Loney Meadows

Loney Meadows located above 6000' is the best of many great areas off of Bowman Lakes Road. To reach it take Highway 20 East from Nevada City about thirty miles. Just after you cross the Bear River Bowman lakes Road leads off to the right or East at that point. If you come to Interstate 80 you've gone a mile or two too far. Bowman Lakes Road is also US Forest 18; travel about 10.5 miles along it until just after the paving permanently ends. A Loney Meadows sign points an old, very rough, cattle road on the right that leads to the Loney Meadows parking area about .7mi. away.

More information is available from the

US Forest Service
Coyote St.
Nevada City CA 95959
530 265 4531

There is a mile or more interpretive trail around the meadows that was built jointly with the Yuba Watershed Institute. This lovely meadows attracts a wide variety of birds including Grosbeaks, Western Tanagers, Olive Sided Flycatchers, Orange Crowned Warblers, Yellow Rumped Warblers and Nashville Warblers. The Aspen grove attracts Redheaded Sapsuckers and Whiteheaded Woodpeckers, while Pileated Woodpeckers have been sighted along the cattle road approaching the meadows. There are bird boxes surrounding the meadows and a contingent of Mountain Bluebirds, Golden Crowned Kinlets, swallows and blackbirds can always be found.


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